Aerial Silk (cloth, fabric, tissu) are two lengths of fabric that hung from the ceiling and offers you a graceful way to express yourself.


As you climb, and then wrap the body in cloth, which you then drop to fall to the floor, you create not only strong and elegant lines, but also powerful endurance muscles.


Come experiment in a new freedom where you leave the ground and challenge your mind and body like never before.


You will work with the three main categories of tricks; climbing, wraps and drops.

Climbing is not just purely practical and efficient to get up, but can be used when it can be elegant like to straddle climb.


Wraps are static poses where you wrap the fabric around one or more parts of your body. In general, the more complicated the cover is, the stronger force and friction and less effort required to keep up.


Some wraps, such Straddle-back-balance, actually allow performers to completely release their hands.

You lock your feet by wrapping the silks aorund one or both feet.


In a drop, you will wrap you high up on the fabric before you release to drop to a lower position.


Drops may combine aspects of free fall, rolling or otherwise rotating the before landing in a new pose. Preparation for a drop can be advanced, but the ultimate goal is the case, rather than pose.


Of the three trick types, drops require the most strength and is also the most potentially dangerous.


Aerial silks is an incredibly demanding art and requires a high degree of strength, power, flexibility, courage and grace to practice.


The training is carried out with long pants and long-sleeved shirt. This will help to avoid burns caused by friction of the fabric. Feel tight. Barefoot.


Introduction / Sample;

If you have never taken a silk class and is brand new, this is the class for you.

In this class you will start with flexibility, strength, and exercises that will improve your fitness. It helps you feel comfortable in the air. You will work on basic climbing skills and learn how to create and "locks" around the body with fabric. After you have grasped these fundamentals, you will be comfortable to walk on beginner classes.


Aerial Silks - Beginner. Level 1

Here the goal is to build endurance, strength and stability by working with fabric as your "pole". In this class we will use the fabrics to learn different skills and tricks. We start with basic climbing and tricks in different positions, inversions, drops and choreographed sequences.


Aerial Silks-Continued. Level 2-4

If you want to get on with your knowledge in Aerial silks, this is the class for you. We continue to build endurance, strength and stability. We continue our training with climbing and tricks in different positions, inversions, drops and working on longer choreographed sequences and combos.