Olga Spezia

Olga Spezia is professional Pole Dance and Exotic Pole Dance teacher, winner and finalist of numerous pole competitions. 
Olga was born in Russia, but she is living in Greece. She started with pole dance in 2012 and in less than a year became pole instructor. Olga is very patient and encouraging teacher, she gives a lot of attention to each student in the class. Olga specializes in Russian Exotic style, Strip Plastique & Floorwork.

Olga`s pole style is flowy, sexy and elegant in the same time, her routines contain plenty of splits, acro tricks, floorwork and hair flips - and all these she will be glad to teach you.

Find her on:
Instagram: @olgaspezia     
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/olgaspeziadancer

So far Olga has participated in 5 Pole dance competitions:

3rd place at “Miss Pole Dance Russia 2013”, Eastern Siberian region
3rd place at Pole Dance battle "Euphoria 2013"
2nd place at Greek Pole Dance Championship 2014
Finalist of Pole Theatre Croatia 2014
Finalist of Greek Pole Dance Championship 2015
1st place at Pole Theatre Greece, Professional, Classique 2016

Besides all of this, she performs at different pole shows and events. Olga is crazy about exotic pole dance, and all her performances always contain plenty of floorwork and exotic combinations.


y 2nd of december 2017
11.00-12.30, room 2

For those who are in the beginning of their Exotic pole journey. At this workshop you will learn all the basic Exotic moves: starting from techniques of working on Exotic shoes and on shoes edges, steps, spins, body waves, floorwork moves, pole to floor & floor to pole transitions, and till Exotic choreography including all these elements.
Knee pads and high heels required.
(beginner / intermediate level)

600 sek Studio DQ students
650 sek all others
16 spots, 90 min

Saturday 2nd of december 2017
13.00-14.30, room 2

If you are dreaming of better moves, impressive curves or amazing arches, you don’t want to miss this workshop! Olga Spezia specializes on tricks & spins that bring beautiful lines and she`ll teach plenty of these to incorporate them into your own performances and training! By focusing on technique, you will learn the best way to get the most out your flexibility and nail some beautiful bendy tricks.
(upper intermediate / advanced level)

600 sek Studio DQ students
650 sek all others
16 spots, 90 min

Saturday 2nd of december 2017
15.00-16.30, room 2

This workshop is for Russian Exotic style lovers! You will learn choreography, which includes spins, leg overswings, impressive floorwork and also Exotic acro-tricks: shoulder and elbow stands, flips and drops. Olga is a master of Russian Exotic style, she will teach you the techniques how to make your routine look elegant and flowy and also her signature trick – hair flips.
Knee pads and high heels required.
(intermediate / advanced level)

550 sek Studio DQ students
600 sek all others
16 spots, 90 min

All bookings are conclusive.
Studio DQs bonuscard or student discounts are not appicable for any workshops bookings.

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