Miss Diana

Presenter: Miss Diana, exotic dancer and international burlesque performer, participant of international burlesque shows and festivals in Russia, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden.


Strip Plastique
Sunday 22nd of September 2019
11.00-12.15, room 2

An erotic dance without pole, striptease secrets as a bonus! An exclusive class in Stockholm. The dance direction very popular in Russia and new in Sweden. Please take leggings and kneepads with you, a top that you can pull off easily, if you have a favourite pair of heels, take them too!

350 sek
16 spots, 75 min

Polesque class
Sunday 22nd of September 2019
12.30-13.45, room 2

This is a class on how to use a pole in a burlesque choreography and what to benefit from cabaret culture.

350 sek
16 spots, 75 min

Diana is also availble for privates, email us for times and dates [email protected]

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all bookings are conclusive.