Studio Dancing Queen!

Everyone that works at DQ loves to dance!

  • All of the instructors backgrounds and strengths are different but that makes it so that any student finds someone to relate to. 
  • They will help you learn new ways to express yourself in dance and strengthen your body.
  • All our instructors have extensive training and experience.
  • We advocate safe training so you do not have to worry about hurting your body.


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We make you a better dancer

There are few things that can beat the feeling of exercise. To get the body to create a combination of music and dance, makes both endorphins and your creativity excel!

No matter what your goals are we will help you reach them!

Do you want to get stronger or leaner? Have more energy? Whatever you want to improve or whatever your goals are, we will help you!

At Dancing Queen, you are the main character. The instructor is your inspiration and companion to help you reach your destination. 


Choose Studio DQ:

If you want to improve your physique
If you want to accomplish something you thought was impossible
If you want to get safe training from educated and certified instructors
If you want to train in a great environment under the best conditions,
 Then join Studio DQ!