Polina Kiseleva or 'Polina Palolem'

3 december
Gangsta pole exotic (classic) 

sal 2 (endast 16 platser, intermediate)

250 kr per person för elever som tar kurs hos DQ samtidigt
300 kr per person för övriga

Alla betalningar sker på plats med kort eller kontant.
Alla anmälningar är bindande.

·      We start our lesson with classic exotic flow warm up
·      Next we learn dance combo (1-2 minutes) predominantly without tricks on the pole, just dance, spins, floor work.
·      In the end of the lesson we devote our time for work with acrobatic typical tricks in the exotic pole.

Please wear;  t-shirt/top with closed/protected shoulders and knee pads. And preferably dance high heels.

Polina Kiseleva or 'Polina Palolem' as she is also called has been dancing pole dance for 6 years.

She is the owner of the pole dance studio Palolem. She is also the creator of pole dance theater in her city.

She won several pole dance championships in Russia:
·      1th place in the IPSF National championship in 2015
·      3th place in the IPSF National championship in 2016
·      3th place in the «Exotic champ» in 2016
·      1th place in the category «pole sport duet pro» in the RFAPA federation in 2017