Confessions of poledancer/ polefitnesser.

It looks easy, sexy, gracious and glamorous when you see someone doing any kind of pole dance- polefitness or sensual pole. But the reality is far from it at the beginning.

When someone walks into their first pole class all confidently thinking - "It looks easy, I can do it with no problem". But from the first few minutes into the class you realise that is so  much harder than it looks- even doing walk around the pole or some basic spins. 

Poledance/ pole fitness requires great dedication, practise, lots of bruises ("pole kisses") and increasing not only your physical, but also your mental strenght.  It takes lots of physical strenght to do spins, climb ups or sits on the pole. With learning each move you are working also on your mental strenght as it takes lots of practice, fail, practice, fail, practice, suceed. Your confidence will increase with every little win of mastering the move. 

So how does it look so glamorous and easy? Well, it takes time. At the beginning you won't look glamourus at all. But with practising your moves, increasing your strenght,  confidence and getting comfortable with pole and being on the pole it all comes together and strarts to look easy, sexy and glamourus. So don't give up at the beginning, keep going, keep spinning.