Hanna Knihtilä  

Hanna is a poledancer from Helsinki, Finland, She has been poledancing for 9 years and teaching for 8 years. She fell in love with poledance immediately, competed for the first time after 6 months of training in an amateur competition and very fast poledance became a lifestyle for her.

During these years she has been training also acrobatics, aerial silks and ropes, handstanding, contortion, ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. She competed in the Finnish Championships 2017 (POSA, 4. place) and 2018 (IPSF, 2. place).

Outside Finland she has competed in: Battle of the pole 2014, IPSF World Pole Sport championship 2015, IPSF World Pole Art Championship 2017, Pole Art Greece 2017, POSA World Pole Sport Championship 2017, POSA World Pole Art Championship 2018, Battle of the Pole 2018, Pole Art Greece 2019.

Hanna loves everything with pole: Strength and flexibility moves, dynamic swings, flips and drops, crazy spins and beautiful flowing movement. Her passion is to teach and share her knowledge and to help poledancers to push their limits and reach theirs goals. Besides teaching pole, she work also as a pilates instuctor and aerial yoga instructor.


90 min, intermediate/advanced
Saturday 16th of January 2021
11.30-13.00, room 2

In this workshop Hanna will teach her favourite tricks and you will play with swings and drops but also with strength and control. Combos will include some handsprings with different grips, iguanas, spins and different inversions. We go through every trick step by step, so everyone can practice a progression in their own level.

300 sek Studio DQ students
350 sek all others
8 spots, 90 min

Hanna is also availble for privates, email us for times and dates bokning@studiodq.com

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all bookings are conclusive.