1900 sek for a 70 minute course
Train 1 time a week for 8 weeks

1600 sek for a 60 minute course
Train 1 time a week for 8 weeks

1400 sek for a Booty course, or daytime Pole 1 or 2
Train 1 time a week for 8 weeks

1500 sek for a daytime course Pole 3
Train 1 time a week for 8 weeks


If you book several courses during the same course round, you get a discount!

You get a 50% discount on your second course, and so on, courses you have booked during the same course round.

Your highest priced course is at it's full price.
Do you want to try one of our classes for free? We have trial weeks 7 times a year!

If you don't cancel according to our booking terms, the class costs 150 sek + invoice fee.
If you want to develop at a faster pace or our course schedule don't fit yours. Then private lessons are for you!

If you book 10 classes directly, you'll get a 20% discount.

1 person & instructor
800 sek/h Student that takes a course
1000 sek/h Student that don't take a course

2 persons & instructor
1200 sek/h Students that takes a course
1600 sek/h Students that don't take a course

3 persons & instructor
1500 sek/h Students that takes a course
1950 sek/h Students that don't take a course

1800 sek/h 4 persons & instructor
2000 sek/h 5 - 9 persons & instructor
2500 sek/h 10 - 14 persons & instructor
200 sek extra per person if you are more than 15
In our booking system you will find all classes that are open for Drop In. Check in at our reception no later than 10 minutes before the class starts.

200 sek for a 45 minute class
250 sek for a 60 minute class
350 sek for a 70 minute class
Train yourself without an instructor and share the room with other students. We don't have a pre-booking for OT, just come to the Studio!

The OT cards are valid for 1 year from first use.

Student that takes a course
70 sek/h

400 sek for a 10-card
550 sek unlimited OT for 1 month

Student that don't take a course
110 sek/h
900 sek
 for a 10-card
1100 sek unlimited OT for 1 month


If you want to train by yourself, you can rent one of our rooms.

If you book 10 hours directly, you'll get a 20% discount.

1 person & possibly a choreographer
450 sek/h room 1, 3 & 4
600 sek/h room 2

2 persons & possibly a choreographer
700 sek/h room 1, 3 & 4
1000 sek/h room 2

3 persons & possibly a choreographer
900 sek/h room 1, 3 & 4
1200 sek/h room 2

1750 sek/h if you want to rent a room to have your own group and bring your own instructor.


If you don't want to bring your things back and forth, you can rent a locker in our changing room.

Student that takes a course
300 sek if you rent 1 month
500 sek if you rent 2 month

Student that don't take a course
500 sek if you rent 1 month