Attention! Liquid Grip is having a competition for Pole Dancers!

You can win $ 1000.00 cash and a sponsorship up to $ 1000.00

We are looking for Pole Dancers to try our product, post a short video using Liquid Grip on our Face Book page and who ever receives the most likes will WIN!

That's right , $ 1000.00 cash and $ 1000.00 towards your next competition. That's a total of $ 2000.00 will be awarded to the winner.

For more details, email Jason at [email protected]

The competition will start August 1st and end August 31st





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  • TJM Garments » Tips på vart du kan köpa pole dance kläder:  ”Hi, If you are being tired with un-professional suppliers, don't worry we are p..”

  • Ellen Lindbom » Lystring GÖTEBORG:  ”Hej, Jag planerar min systers möhippa som äger rum den 12 aug. Vi är 9 tjejer so..”

  • Sandra » Möhippor och svensexor!:  ”Hej! Hur kommer jag i kontakt med dom i Göteborg?”