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I'm Charlie sky, I am from Australia and train and instruct at the pole dance academy back in Sydney. However while in Sweden I chose studio DQ. I chose dq because of the way you feel when you work in the door. It's very similar to back home where you feel comfortable to express yourself in a place free from judgement and are able to get fit at the same time.

I have had a broad range of training in both dance and gymnastics, however never took them seriously as i specialised in theatre. I got into pole dancing because a friend of mine was really interested so I thought I would give it a go. At first I was very hesitant and felt quite insecure about it. But soon enough I was addicted, spending all of my spare time at the studio training and aspiring to be better. Each time I reached a goal or something I never thought was possible it encouraged me to push myself further.

I have been pole dancing for about 3 years and have been trained by many international pole dancers who have taught me many skills which I try pass into my students. I am a big believer in a balance, in particular that of strength and flexibility so find it so important to train flexibility almost equality to doing pole training. Flexibility provides grace and elegance on a pole as well as it opens up the option of more challenging and advanced moves. However, training strength ensures one does not get hurt and of course you feel like Wonder Woman flying around.

Another thing I try and teach my students is to feel comfortable and confident with who they are regardless of their size or shape. The strength pole has given me has been beyond that of the physical. It's given me motivation, mental strength and capabilities beyond belief, with the knowledge that I can achieve anything I want to.

I find pole dancing, in particular here at studio DQ is a safe place to just be yourself.

This is what I love most about pole... Tack Charlie

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