Tips on how to wear high heels

Summer is coming and we are all digging into our closets to find great shoes for parties. What if our party shoes have high heels and we totally forgot how to wear them? We don't want to fall on the dance floor, right? Remember these little tips from Fabulous Mrs. Murphy on how to wear high heels:
1. Unless you swing your hips, you will hurt your knees. Swing your hips left and right and walking will be much easier, since you won't stress you knees anymore.
2. Heel to toe! Put your weight on heel first, then on toe. From back to front. Remember that.
3. Own the space. You become taller and fabulous. Just accept it and enjoy. 

Tip from us: train your high heel walk on our "High heel pole" class with Julia Mazowska every Tuesday at 19.45!

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