Group Training and Motivation

Regardless of our training goals and ambitions, we all face moments where we simply lack motivation or drive to make it to the studio, push through a hard class, or find the time to stretch and work on flexibility.

The good news is that researchers have found that there is something even more motivating than cash rewards when it comes to staying on track with fitness goals. One of the best motivations for training and staying active is to find a supportive community of people who struggle with you, encourage you when you need motivation, and applaud your successes. Working out with a group of like minded people keeps you focused on your goals when you find yourself needing a push.

Studio DQ strives to be a supportive place where you can find a positive group of fellow dancers. When you lack motivation, you can depend on the instructors, the receptionists, and your classmates to give you that spark you need. We are always working together to make you a better dancer!

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