Cross Training For Pole

It can be hard when you first start pole to take rest days- you want to get better as fast as possible, and once you experience the thrill of nailing a new trick, you want to keep reaching new goals.

But it's important to keep in mind cross training to reduce risk of injury and improve your overall fitness level. If you want to keep active in a way that benefits your pole practice, check out some of our dance classes. Chair dance, twerk, barre, or burlesque are all great ways to mix up your training and keep building strength and endurance without over working yourself. 

Plus, you get to take all the moves you learn in the dance classes and apply them to floorwork and pole flow in your next practice- a win all around. Have you been thinking of ways to increase your practice while protecting against injury and learning new skills? Branch out into some of our dance classes!

See the schedule for classes you can drop in to and try out- you won't regret trying out something new, and you can give your upper body a break without having to take a full rest. And of course, an extra day of the week spent at Studio DQ is always a good thing. We look forward to seeing you!

For more ideas on how to cross train, check out this link. Bad Kitty not only makes beautiful pole clothes, they have great advice for training: http://www.badkitty.com/news/how-to-cross-train-for-pole/

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